Running, running, running…

Life is crazy here. I do it to myself, however. Add projects, on top of projects, on top of chores, on top of everything else.

But I’ve been getting to run barrels a lot lately, and that is making me quite the happy (ier) camper!

Here’s a run from two weeks ago:

I ran in Rapid City this past weekend.


Saturday’s run was a disaster. Mentally, I was a wreck. I drove my horse right over barrels one and two.

Sunday, I cleaned it up and was 6 tenths faster, but still didn’t ride him exactly like I should.

Last night, I ran in Onida, and while I’m still going to one hand too soon, it was a pretty respectable run, and I’m super happy with how it felt. It was a 2D run, and I hope there are many more of those in our future (the runs that feel good – because those will clock)!

In addition to all the barrel racing, there have been weddings to photograph, school photos and random horse photography thrown in just for good measure:


I’ll start sharing the photos from the weddings and other shoots soon!

Happy trails!

Goodbye, My Fridge

Well, I did something I thought I’d never do.

I sold my handsome gray colt, DX Frigid Aire.

Yes. He’s gone.

South dakota cowgirl photography, horses

When I rode at the Buck clinic in Rapid City, a friend of ours was there watching for three days. He kept telling me what a nice colt I had (other folks said he was the nicest horse at the clinic) and how he would look great riding him and the asked me if I’d sell him. I told him he wasn’t for sale and then my other half reminded me that we are building a house/barn/bunkhouses and trying to start our non-profit and we have the factory (the mom and the dad).

So, I priced him and he said he would ask for him for Father’s Day. He called me a June 30th, first thing in the morning and said he wanted him. I’m sad -and happy- both. Fridge is the second colt I’ve raised out of that mare and the third colt I’ve started the hunt/Brannaman way. And he’s my favorite color of course. I’ve bred his mom back to his dad for a full sibling to be born next year.

I’ll miss him for sure, but his new owner is a very handy, kind horseman and he will be well-cared for.

I got to rope a couple calves on him at our branding this weekend, before his new owner (who also came and roped) took him home. And we were fortunate enough to have the cousin of a dear family friend of ours at this branding. He’s a professional photographer and he took some AMAZING photos, so while I will have the memories of Fridge forever etched in my mind, I’ve got some beautiful photos to look at as well:

Sitting in the herd:

tj turner photography, the dx ranch, south dakota, south dakota ranches, ranch life

Taking a break:

tj turner photography, the dx ranch, south dakota, south dakota ranches, ranch life

Setting up a heel shot:

tj turner photography, the dx ranch, south dakota, south dakota ranches, ranch life

Attempting a Hip Shot while Fridge’s new owner heads the calf for us:

tj turner photography, the dx ranch, south dakota, south dakota ranches, ranch life


tj turner photography, the dx ranch, south dakota, south dakota ranches, ranch life


tj turner photography, the dx ranch, south dakota, south dakota ranches, ranch life

And finally, because I have like ZERO photos of Zach and me together, this one. Do we look happy or what? How could you not be happy if you’re us?

tj turner photography

I do miss my buddy, Fridge and I thank all of you for investing your time watching him grow up through our Colt-Cam Chronicles. I will start posting from those again, with other colts that I’m handling.

Happy Trails!

This week in photos


Again, busy doesn’t really begin to describe my current situation. Tonight, if it dries up from the thunderstorm that rolled through here at 4am this morning, I have a family photo session. Tuesday I have a Wedding to photograph, Wednesday a barrel race- (speaking of there’s video from my first run in two years to […]

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This week on the ranch


It’s finally stopped raining here! After an almost entirely wet month of June with no more than two days at a time sans rain, we’ve been without rain for most of this week. I don’t mind rain, but it does have to dry up so that we can get the hay cut, raked, baled and […]

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This week via Instagram


In case no one has noticed, I’m super, super busy and have been severely lacking in sharing the goings on here. But I have been taking photos and thought I’d share a few of those! Happy trails!

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Stuff you’ll find on my kitchen table


Ranch wives everywhere can relate: Happy trails!

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This week in Instagram

south dakota cowgirl photography, equine photography, south dakota

There’s been so much that’s happened in this past week it will have to take an entire post (or two or three) to catch you all up. In the meantime here are some photos from stuff that’s occurred. Muddy Boots in the hallway: A Storm is a brewin’: Trot on Banjo: My pretty Cosmo: My […]

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From the branding pen


Don’t you want to see what’s on the other side? I snapped this with my iPhone at a neighbor’s place on Saturday this past week. This coming Saturday is our big branding. It’s the social event of the year in Armstrong County and I can’t wait! Happy trails!

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Cosmo Cuteness!


I’m sure I do this every year with all my colts, but seriously, I cannot get enough of her! She’s too darn adorable to keep to myself so the nice thing to do is share her, right? It is the only right thing to do! Seriously. Does it get cuter?

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Cosmo – the newest addition to my horse herd

south dakota cowgirl photography, equine photography, equine photos, foal photos, pictures of baby horses

It was a dark and stormy night. At about 11:30 we heard a crashing/knocking and weren’t sure what it was. When Zach poked his head out of the back door, we discovered that Shuttle had had her baby and they were no longer in the hot-wire foaling trap. They were standing in the yard! Two […]

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