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Yesterday was all kinds of fun. I started my morning by walking into the 60 acre saddle horse trap and catching my horse in that large trap. I wanted to see if I could do it. Gump has taught me a lot about catching a horse, so I wanted to test my abilities. It took me about 45 minutes. I got him brushed and saddled and I had planned to just ride through the saddle horse pasture, since I haven’t been through there in ages.

As I got on and rode out of the barn, I looked across the driveway and what do you think I saw?

If you guessed an escaped brumby, You’d be right. He and a 2 year old stud colt, named Fuz, were out near the dam, clearly outside the realm of the hot wire fence. I got them put back into the pasture where they belonged, and then put them and about 15 others into the North end of it.

The following is me telling you about my day- kind of like I did above. Only cooler, because I’m riding a horse, and trotting through God’s Country chatting at you like you’re there.

Now, part two of this is, that as I was trotting over to the gate on the east side of the pasture, that brumby brought every horse that I’d just put in that gate, out of that gate. I guess I should have closed that one first! They ran all the way back to the “Hole” a pass-through trap off to the East, where I’d let them water before I hazed them all the way out North and shut the gate. I got them lined out and that brumby took half the weanlings and a couple two year olds with him one way, and as I rode over to haze him back to the herd, the stud, Banjo made a bee-line back to the gate at the Hole, where he could gaze upon the 2 year old fillies and other mares I’ve got near the corral to handle. I decided to leave him there, and gather up the brumby and his crew. I got everyone back together and hazed back to the corner, with two attempts, before Banjo finally went one way, the brumby and his crew another. I didn’t have my rope on my saddle, or a flag with me, each of which would have been handy in this situation. So Gumpy and I decided to go eat some lunch and bring the ranger out for the afternoon job. I’m certainly not brave enough to take it down one side of that big creek and up the other, so I had to walk down one side and up the other to get across so I could get the gate closed, but I got it done.

While I was “at lunch” I made the nearly 20 mile round trip to the mailbox to get the mail because I figured I had good stuff in my box and that it was probably full. It was full and I got a new Buck Wild, Wild Rag in the mail. Plus a check for photography services. A wild rag, money, a sunny Spring day! Can it get better?

Now you’re probably wondering if I got to ride Dino and move cows, just because I can, right? I didn’t. But my nanny goat did have triplets yesterday afternoon!! And yes, there will be photos!

Happy Trails!


  1. Your day sounds perfect – I am envious.

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