Cheyenne River

Life on an Indian Reservation is often portrayed as negative and bleak. While the circumstances on reservations are less than ideal, I think those of you interested in the culture and how life on an reservation really looks will love this project, and we’d sure love to have your help to make this dream a reality! This book will showcase the beauty (which those of you who hang out here have seen), and the gloriously, kind-hearted, giving people that live here.

Take a look.

And to encourage some funding, if you contribute to the project and come back here and tell me, I’ll put you in a drawing for a $50 print credit good for prints from my photography site!

Happy Trails!

PS. They have no idea I’m offering this little contest!


  1. perhaps I’m blind…but is there a link directing me where to go to help support the project?

  2. Very cool, my grandmother was raised there on the Moreau. She headed West, but we have a lot of family in the area. I know she’d love to see this project.

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