The Colt Cam Chronicles

Yesterday was almost Spring-like. Sunny, over 40 and just perfect. And by midnight last night there was an inch of snow (I pretty much didn’t expect that), and the high today is about 15 degrees. There may be enough snow to break out my XC skis, but I don’t know yet, because it’s still dark outside, and today I’m headed to town for supplies, so I’ll have to wait!

I digress…

I took advantage of the gorgeous day by having our neighbor, Jesse (the 2013 calendar’s Mr. June, and this year’s “insert” for those of you interested) come over to trim Dino and Avie’s feet. Avie is about 90% sound now, so that’s good to know he’s getting better! Once that project was completed, I was ready to grab Fridge, but was sidetracked because I spotted horses in a pasture where they didn’t belong so I had to go check that out. It was just three of them, and I’m not yet sure how they managed to get there, but they’ll live there until we get a chance to put them back where they do belong.

Ride #11 happened yesterday, and I tried very hard to draw on the positive thoughts I had from Saturday’s ride.

The barn cats, Perry and Rafter, were sure they were helping. You can hear Rafter yowling around, just like his dad, Coltrain does, and at a couple points in the video you can see Kitty Perry trying to “help”. I’m not sure she was much help, however.

Fridge is very willing to move out and I am going to do my best to NOT destroy that.

What yesterday taught me:

1. I need to remember to look where I want to go. I preached that to kids for years when I was a full-time riding instructor. When you’re on a broke horse it’s not as important as when you’re on a colt, but you’ve got to have a plan for their feet or they’re gonna make one without you. When you’re just learning to ride it’s very important because you’ll send energy to your horse that you want to get to xxx.

2. Give energy only to positive things. I got so worried about the cats, that the two times my colt spooked were my own doing. If I’d just focused on where I wanted to go, and on helping him get there, our ride would have been even better. And I need to relax my shoulders.

3. Saturday there were lots of other people around. Yesterday, like most days, it was just me. At the moment, those other people are a distraction for me – the good kind. I tend to draw on their horse’s good energy and the positive energy they put forth. Or their confidence. Both Zach and Jesse were there on Saturday and there’s a thousand colts between them, at the least.

4. I need to stop being greedy. I’m getting better, but I’m not there yet.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little glimpse into yesterday’s ride. For those of you headed to Vegas today, have fun this weekend and make sure to tell Buck I said, “hi”!

Happy Trails!

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  1. I’m envious that you are getting to ride, it’s been too cold here but I’m hoping to hop on tomorrow. Love the “colt cam chronicles” & yes, I agree it’s so easy to forget basic horsemanship skills when we are on well mannered & experienced horses.


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