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An Incredible Journey

Sometimes life seems surreal; as though we are just observers from afar, more than active participants. The possibilities and dreams of a child, especially for a young girl, can be so far out of reach that they can’t be imagined; even with some help from circumstance. This story isn’t … Continue reading
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Thursday Thanks

I try to always make November a month dedicated to gratitude. After all, I have an enormous amount of things I should be thankful for.  In years past, I've done 30 days of thanks, or at least one post where I will list the things I'm thankful for. This year, I'm going to give thanks on … Continue reading

An Invitation to a Date

My maternal grandmother died a few years ago and at the time my mother was still a busy choir teacher. She's since retired and has begun the task of going through her mother's things.  Two weeks ago, she found a box, full of treasures.  You see, Grandma never threw much away. Okay, I … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

It's a gorgeous Easter morning here in Armstrong County! Enjoy this beautiful day! I'm off shortly to look through the cows, then I'll tag a few calves that our heifers has last night and ride my pretty colt, Fridge. And it's going to be one of those rare, windless, stunningly beautiful days … Continue reading

What do you Believe?

Zach says all the time:   Believe in what you're doing or do what you believe in.  This week when I picked up the book I'm reading, (The Power of Positive Thinking), I read this: William James, the famous psychologist, said, "Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is … Continue reading