Duluth Winter Gear Guide

This winter gear guide is brought to you by Duluth Trading Company; I’m thrilled to have been chosen to partner with them. Thank you, Duluth for sponsoring this post and keeping me warm! 

When I was contacted by Duluth Trading Company a few weeks ago, I will admit, I did a happy dance, because let’s face it: I’m outside a lot in the Winter.  I may not be the one feeding the cows, but I try to ride daily, there’s horses to feed, chickens to feed, and other chores to do, so I’m always on the hunt for amazing cold-weather gear. Duluth has a reputation for tough gear that fits well, and is warm! 

I chose some Fall/Winter staples and I couldn’t be happier with how they’re working out for me so far!  Keep in mind, I’m petite at 5’1″ and they don’t offer a petite size, but that hasn’t affected the practicality or usability of the clothes. 

  1. Women’s Free Swingin’ Lined Flannel Shirt Jac — Guys. Seriously. I’ve lived in this since it arrived. It’s the perfect weight to put on over a button up, long-sleeved tee, or hoodie, and stay warm in 25-32 degree mornings when I’m doing chores. The pockets are deep, and I’m able to put a 35CC syringe in them, and not have it fall out. Hello, practical shirt. I love you. It will also hold my iPhone X, but the pocket doesn’t close, so I can’t ride with my phone in that pocket or I’ll lose it. It has adjustable tabs, so you can make it more fitted if you desire. I ordered a medium, and it’s great for layering. And because it snaps, it makes it really great for riding, because I can unsnap the bottom snaps and it will cover my legs, and my bum and keep me toasty while I’m horseback! 
  2. Women’s Crosscut Wicking Flannel Shirt — I love this shirt. It is soft, warm, and perfect for layering over item #6 on our list. And it looks super cute with the firehose vest  (Item #3 on my list) layered on top. I wore it layered, as I mentioned above, to rope in a couple weeks ago, on a day when it didn’t even make it to above freezing in our barn, and I was perfectly warm all day! It’s so soft. I see more of these in my future. And they’re on sale today!!!!! 
  3. Women’s Plaid Quilted Trapper — This cap is functional, warm and super cute! I love the ear flaps! It comes in sizes, so it’s helpful to know what size you wear. 
  4. Women’s Fire Hose DuluthFlex Insulated Vest — I loooooove this vest! It is so warm. I ordered a medium, and could probably have done with a small, but I don’t care. The pockets are so functional — they snap closed on top, and underneath they’re lined and easy to put your hands or gloves in. It’s perfect layered over a flannel or denim button-up shirt. It really keeps the wind out! 
  5. Women’s Daily Denim Lined Straight Leg Jeans — I have literally lived in these flannel lined jeans since I got them. They are ah-mazing. The pockets are deep enough to keep your knife where it belongs, they’re stylish, warm, and they have the perfect amount of stretch. I see about 3 more pairs in my future, because I have to wash them sometime. You will not regret owning these. I have Raynauds, and this has been something super helpful in keeping me warm! They run pretty true to size and I hope you love them as much as I do! 
  6. Women’s Dry and Mighty Long Sleeve Crew Neck — I love wearing long-sleeved tees in the Winter under my button-ups, and rarely wear long-handles, mostly because I don’t like sweating. This tee is the perfect compromise. It’s warm, and if you do sweat, it wicks the moisture away from you, keeping you from getting cold due to sweat. Everyone who’s ever done chores in the Frozen North knows exactly what I’m talking about. So far, this shirt has solved that problem! 

For Black Friday you’re getting 30% off everything, and Free Shipping if you spend over $100!!!!  What are you waiting for? 

Happy Trails and Happy Shopping! 

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