Fried Biscuits

I don’t recall exactly when my family started this little tradition. I just remember thinking it was a good one, and I enjoyed sitting on the kitchen island, watching and helping when I could.

What I do remember is that it was dad’s idea, and that it was a Saturday morning, as that was the morning we usually had a big breakfast, since Sundays were hurried and hassled as we headed to church. I’m certain that getting three kids under the age of 5 to church was no simple task, either!

At any rate, one Saturday morning daddy decided to fry some canned biscuits. The rest is history. I hadn’t eaten any in years, as they’re probably not the healthiest thing one could consume for breakfast, and then I got a wild hair this summer to make some over branding week. My parents, little sister, kid brother, my sister in law, and my niece and nephew, were here. I figured it would bring back some family fun and fond memories of days gone by.

And now, because I’m awesome (and because people have demanded the recipe), I’m sharing our little piece of family tradition with you. It’s so simple it’s ridiculous and I know you’re going to want to make these ASAP!

There are typically 10 biscuits per can. You can make them donut shaped by simply poking a hole in the middle, or you can slice the biscuits in half.

In a large pan, add 3 cups of vegetable oil.
When the oil is about 350 degrees, toss in as many biscuits as will fit in the pan. Flip about 2 minutes in, when they’re turning a pretty gold color. Set them on a paper towel to drain and then dredge in powdered sugar, or brown sugar, or coat them in melted chocolate. Viola! Done. Breakfast is served.

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fried biscuits, homemade donuts

Happy Trails and Happy Cooking!

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