Fried Pickles

Homemade fried pickles!

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I was making fried pickles. It didn’t take long to fill the page with comments and requests for the recipe. And since I aim to please, I figured, what the fey! It won’t take any time at all to type it out, because, it’s THAT easy!

What you’ll need:

About 2 cups of dill pickle slices. Vlasic is my pickle of choice for this project. I think they hold up the best.

1 cup of buttermilk
1 cup flour
1 cup corn meal
1/2 Tbs Season salt
Vegetable oil for frying (but don’t ask me how much- Okay?)

Now, there’s a couple ways you can tackle this project. You can drain your pickles by hand before adding them to the buttermilk, or you can put all the pickles in a colander and drain them that way. Either way works. I typically just pull them out of the jar with a fork- let some juice drip off and set them in the buttermilk mixture for about 10 minutes. Now, not all 2 cups of pickles will fit into 1 cup of buttermilk quite right, so I typically work in smaller batches for that reason, and because I don’t have a pan big enough to fry 2 cups of pickles at once.

While your pickles are soaking, mix the flour and corn meal together with the season salt. I like to use a whisk for that job because I think it does it best. Also, it’s a good idea to heat your oil. I’d say somewhere around 350 degrees will get ‘er done. Also, I don’t deep fry my pickles- they’re pan fried in my trusty cast-iron skillet. You want enough oil in the pan to cover the bottom and go about 1/2 way up the side. Remember as your oil gets hot it will get thinner, so take that into account.

Once your pickles are good and soaked, use a fork to remove them, one at a time, from the buttermilk recipe into the flour/cornmeal mixture. I like to put my breading into a pie pan, because it makes it easiest to batter the pickles.

Bread each pickle, place into the oil and cook for about 2 minutes total- or until they are golden brown. You’ll probably want to turn them at least once. Remove from the oil and set onto a plate covered in paper towels so the remaining oil can be drained.

Let them cool and then enjoy them plain or with some ranch dressing. Either way works for me!

Happy Trails and Happy Cooking!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try these.

    You should link thsi post to Sprite Keeper’s spin cycle this week – it’s all about food.

  2. Oh, I just want to snatch these off the page, they look so good! You also make it look so easy. I would probably screw it up royally, but I have all the ingredients in the house right now, it wouldn’t hurt to try??
    You’re linked!

  3. I love me some fried pickles. Best place I’ve ever had them was in Nashville. Second best was Naches, Mississippi. But, they must be dill pickle chips! Spears are just Yankee knock offs.

    Great spin! Now, I have to try these at home.