How to Tie a Mustache Knot

I’ve mentioned in several places via Social Media, that I’ve been tying a mustache knot in my horse’s tails. Those of you that follow me on Instagram have seen them. And many of you have asked to see how to do them. I searched the internets high and low for a decent video showing you, so that I didn’t have to make my own, but alas, the internets failed me and I was unable to find one that made any sense or showed you exactly how it was done in a way that you’d be able to mimic it. Luckily, I’ve got some legit buckaroos in my corner, and I asked them to show me this summer, promptly forgot how it was done, and then I found a set of photos to remind me and now due to the fruits of my labor, you’re going to be able to recreate all my work in a few, simple, easy steps. Your horse’s tail will thank you for my labors, and if the tail doesn’t, you should! Why will your horse’s tail thank you, you may be thinking?

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Because a mustache knot is practical. These knots were originally tied in tails by Spanish Conquistadors and then their traditions were handed down to Vaqueros (Buckaroos). These knots were used in the tails of war horses, to keep them out of the way. You’ll find them practical because it can keep ropes in the branding pen, mud, brush and other nonsense from getting tangled in their tails.

Also, it’s good to note, that traditionally the knot is tied before you saddle your horse, and it’s left there, until you horse is unsaddled and turned out for the evening.

There is one other knot I’ll be showing you how to tie, so stay tuned!

Happy Trails!

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