How to Tie a Wild Rag

How to tie a wild rag.

It’s wild rag season! The time of year when we break out the colorful, patterned and bright scarves to add an extra layer of warmth! In this video I’m going to show you how to tie two different knots — one is your basic square knot. The second is a buckaroo square knot or mustache knot. It’s by far the prettiest knot but does get a little tricky!

To make a few clarifications — wild rags are not always made of silk, but I only wear silk ones because it’s a natural, breathable fiber. They are often made of polyester or a polyester blend. 

So now, without further ado, let’s get in to the meat and potatoes of this thing, shall we?

Happy Trails!

This post was originally published at Cavvy Savvy. I write all kinds of cool stuff for them, so be sure you check them out!

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