Summon This

Last week, I got something we all dread.

A Jury Summons.

Not just any jury summons, however.


A FEDERAL Jury summons.

It looks like I am on call the entire month of October. And I could be stuck in a Jury for up to 2 month. What have I done to upset the gods?


Has anyone else had the misfortune, er, um, privilege of receiving such a gift?

What's on your mind?

  1. Not that extensively!! wow!! I got called to jury duty, for a murder trial, and it lasted three days. Let me tell you, those were the most exhausting three days ever – beating out whole days spent in the Florida heat and humidity, cleaning stalls!! I noticed that those who voiced their opinions during selection, ie relative is a cop, they hate cops, they knew about the case in question and had already formed an opinion.. they didn’t get picked. If you know anyone that they would read off the witness list as a witness or having anything to do with the case, they won’t pick you.. because you might be biased. While horsemanship makes for a just, fair individual, this is the time to speak up, lol!! The courtroom was freezing here! Which made it hard to concentrate, and you weren’t allowed to take notes! Not to mention, not being allowed to speak to family or friends if you’re sequestered in a hotel for the duration. Bring lots of good books, and I wish you luck!!!

  2. I got picked here in Canada. I had a small child, we had little money for childcare and I had to send him to his Grandparents while I served. Then we were sequestered and ONE person thought it was cool that the government would pay for hotel and food while we were…so he held out on a guilty verdict until he had his “vacation”. I’m serious, it was like one day he was adamant then the next day he said, “ok, he’s guilty”. Ugghhh. I hated it! Good luck girl and hopefully you don’t have to serve!

  3. Yes, we all have lives that we need to get to, but stepping away for a little bit to help your fellow man isn’t going to kill you. On one hand, if the person is innocent, they deserve a fair trial with good people deciding their fate. On the other hand, if they are guilty, the loved ones of their victim(s) deserve to have good people deciding the fate of their perpetrator. Just sayin’.

    • Amy- I don’t disagree with anything you said. However, this could not have come at a worse time. It’s the middle of pre-conditioning/shipping season, I’ve got a craft fair the first weekend of November to prepare for including Newspaper advertising, as well as getting all my product put together. Further, I’m almost 80 miles from the courthouse, with no internet and spotty cell service between here and there. This could put a major kink in the plans of a small business owner such as myself. I don’t have a personal assistant or someone else to do the things for me that I will need to get done.

      I was told I’m basically “on call” the month of October. Which means scheduling photo sessions, helping the neighbors or even getting other stuff done will be difficult at best. It’s one thing if they say, “hey for this week we need you”- it’s something completely different for it to be an ENTIRE month.

      Further, the idea of serving for two months is absolutely going above and beyond what anyone should have to do to “Help their fellow” man. WE all have lives to live. Three days is one thing, but two months is taking it to a whole ‘nother level. I suppose it’s a good thing I’m in favor of the death penalty.

  4. i have been called for Jury Duty 3 times; was put on one Jury, not picked another time, & last year the “special case” was dismissed as were all prospective jurors. I’m in Oregon, & during the 2 months we are “on call” if you serve on a Jury– you are released. Being on call doesn’t mean you serve every day, or even must report every day. It really is an interesting process. I learned a lot. Hope it goes well & you can enjoy the experience!