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They say horsemanship is a journey, and mine has taken several turns along the way. As such, I’ve cleaned out the barn! Which means that you can benefit from years and years and years of my collecting! Why am I selling all of these things, you ask? Well, mostly it’s because I haven’t used any of it for years! I ride nearly everything in a snaffle bit, and if I’m really going to get serious about making a bridle horse, I don’t need these bits- because the progression is from snaffle to bosal to two rein (half-breed mouthpiece spade and a pencil bosal). Soooo, my new journey, is your gain! I have priced everything according to what I think they’re worth, however, if you want it and you think I over-priced it, make. me. an. offer. You never know! You’re responsible for shipping charges, but that shouldn’t be more than a $3.50-10 depending on what you buy. You can purchase directly from the site here, and add the estimated shipping costs. If there’s a story behind any of the bits, I’ll be sure to share it, just for entertainment. I will combine shipping, so if you purchase more than one item, please don’t pay the shipping charges and I can send you a separate PP invoice for shipping costs. In the notes section from paypal, please tell me what you bought. Thanks!


I bought this saddle last fall, and while it’s super comfortable, I don’t like riding colts in it, and I ride A. Lot. Of. Colts. I paid $600 for it new and maybe put 100 rides in it, if that many. It has a 14in seat that is done in rainbow thread. I’ll take $450 +$50 shipping.


You can see more photos here.


Traditional English-Style Argentine Snaffle. This bit has won and earned me countless monies. I used it through high school and college on my goat tying horse and later used it on him when he started teaching kiddos to ride.
I’ve never found another bit quite like this one: $20.00+ $3.50 shipping


This bit is made by Reinsman. It’s called an Easy-Five. Obviously it has 5″ cheeks. I have won a lot of money chasing cans in this bit. It can be used with or without a curb. It has a sweet-iron mouthpiece. One of my favorite bits next to, of course, my snaffles. $20.00+$3.50 shipping


This is a handmade Greg Darnall wire snaffle. It’s a 1/4 mouthpiece. I haven’t used this bit in quite some time as I don’t use a twisted wire mouthpiece often. It’s just been collecting dust. $22.50+ $3.50 shipping




Here’s a Sharon Camarillo bit, made by Reinsman. It’s her short-shanked ported lifter. I believe the shanks are 7″. Sweet Iron Mouthpiece. The curb is included. $22.50+$3.50 shipping.


Sliding-gag. This bit has a copper mouthpiece, 9″ shanks and is a Trammel knock-off. The mouthpiece is 7/16in. $15.00+3.50 shipping.


A hand-made bit that I used on a lot of different rope horses in college. Lots of rate and salivation. It has 10″ shanks, I believe. $15.00 +$5.00 shipping



Aluminum shanked double wire mouthpiece, marked Quick. Each snaffle is 3/8 in. $10.00+ $3.50 shipping.




Aluminum double twisted wire snaffle. 3/8in mouthpieces. $5.00+$3.50 shipping



Correction Bit. Has copper inlay, and iron mouthpiece with stainless port. 9″ shanks. $15.00+ $5.00 shipping.


I think I rode this ported bit about 5 times total on a couple rope horses I tried once. Iron. 9″ shanks. $15.00+$5.00 shipping.


Trammel chain gag bit- sweet-iron mouthpiece. Stamped Trammell. These bits are impossible to find nowadays. $22.50+ $3.50 shipping.



Short-shanked working-cow horse bit with dog-bone mouthpiece. $12.50+$3.50


Short-shanked working-cow horse bit with twisted wire mouthpiece. $12.50+ $3.50 shipping.


Off-set D-ring snaffle with copper inlay. This bit is a lot lighter than what I like them to be. $10.00 +$3.50 shipping.



Ported training bit. This bit swivels at the shank and at the port. $20.00 +$5.00 shipping. 7″ shank.



Handmade lifter bit- I had this bit designed for a couple horses I had in to train several years ago. It’s a 7/16 mouthpiece with 7 in shanks; lots of weight to it. $25.00+$5.00 shipping.


Another Easy-Five bit by Reinsman- this one has a chain mouthpiece. $20.00+$3.50 shipping


A handmade O-ring snaffle. This bit has been one of my all-time favorites, and I’ve won lots of money going around the barrels in this one. It’s heavy, well balanced, has a sweet-iron 7/16in mouthpiece. Stamped KK. I’ve never seen another bit quite like this one. $30.00+$5.00 shipping.


A Smith Brother’s Petska knock off: Sweet-iron chain with 7in shanks. $15.00 + $3.50 shipping.


I have plenty more pieces to add- still to come- a blinged out breast-collar, and several pair of reins- including some custom leather split reins. Please check back often for updates; Shop now, and if you think you’ll want to buy more later, I’ll simply send you a shipping invoice at the end. Happy trails! As Items are sold, they’ll be removed.

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  1. Hey You, got some pretty tuff stuff there. There are a couple, that aren’t too nasty, and would be hard to replace. Think about a few of them, they don’t take up much storage room, and will be VERY hard to replace.