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The Human Spirit

,,,This article was originally written for and published in "Ag Week".  __________________________________________ As I sit on an airplane this morning, staring down the wing of a Boeing 757, I'm struck by the thought that someone, at some point had the idea that we could fly. … Continue reading
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Love You!

I thought for valentine's day we'd do something a little different. I'll be honest. It's not my favorite Holiday. In fact, I feel like it's really just made up by companies such as Hallmark (no offense meant), and marketers/advertisers, to give people yet another reason to part with their … Continue reading
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The Buck Clinic — 2016

Every year I am fortunate enough to make at least one Buck Clinic, and every year when I get home, I say this was the best clinic yet. Sometimes, I get to come home and go right back to riding horses, but more often than not, I go, come back and then I am off to a branding, or off to do ranch work … Continue reading

Calves, a Gelding and Chicks!

This week has been busy, one might say. Monday, we had our first calf of the year, a cute little heifer. But we also got a trip to the vet for a cow that had a calf and lost it. That was a crazy day for sure! It was a good thing I'd had a breakfast of home-raised eggs, because I was so busy I … Continue reading
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Time Magazine Top 50

A few weeks ago I was notified via a comment on one of my Instagram photos that Time had chosen me as one of the most interesting Instagram Users in the country. They asked for permission to republish my photograph.  I did a double take and in a matter of moments said yes. To say that I was … Continue reading