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A Podcast Interview

I was contacted to be on a podcast for "Let Freedom Rein" at the beginning of the year.I couldn't say no. The podcast is about how horses save us -- on a regular basis. It all started because our friend, JD Steffen, with Hot Tamale Horsemanship, branched out of his comfort zone and … Continue reading
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Tapadero Annies: Giveaway!

I'm so excited to get back into the swing of giveaways!  I always enjoy sharing my love of artists and all things western with you! This week we'll kick off the start of April with something extra special: goodies from the ultra talented Jessica Casteel! She's pretty much a rockstar and when … Continue reading
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An Incredible Journey

Sometimes life seems surreal; as though we are just observers from afar, more than active participants.The possibilities and dreams of a child, especially for a young girl, can be so far out of reach that they can’t be imagined; even with some help from circumstance.This story isn’t … Continue reading
The top 16 of 2016

The top 16 of 2016

 I figured I'd take this time to share with you Sixteen Highlights of 2016. Narrowing it down to only 16 was a lot harder than you'd think! The things meant a lot to me, so in no particular order here we go!  I won my first ranch roping. And it was the first one I'd … Continue reading