2020 SDC Calendar

The 2020 South Dakota Calendar is here! Of course it features another 12 gorgeous images, taken by me and is ready to grace your walls! Here are a few of the images you'll see inside: I captured the image above at a branding this Spring. This red roan stud, Bob Hes Quick, ridden … Continue reading
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Photography 101

Here are the videos you'll want to watch so you can learn. You'll have access to these for life! Enjoy! Photography 101 - What makes a good photograph? What types of images are there? I'll answer a lot of questions in the video below! Lightroom Mobile Tutorial -- Free if you don't want the … Continue reading

Photography Tutorials

I have been encouraged, mainly by my new friend, Cathy (Prairie Wife in Heels), to share some of my knowledge about photography.  She calls it, Street Cred.  Maybe it is.  My desire is to build a community, a community of folks, from hobbyists to the pro, who want to share ideas, … Continue reading