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The Human Spirit

,,,This article was originally written for and published in "Ag Week".  __________________________________________ As I sit on an airplane this morning, staring down the wing of a Boeing 757, I'm struck by the thought that someone, at some point had the idea that we could fly. … Continue reading
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Patience is Key

Special thanks to for sponsoring this post. One of the essential things we lack as a society is patience. We want everything now; be it the latest, greatest phone, car, home, clothes, or job to name a few. Our inability, or lack of desire, to forego what we want, when we … Continue reading

By the Light of the Full Moon

Shipping season has arrived! The time of year that I’d say most ranchers look forward to - reaping the rewards of their season of hard work, through calving in the snow, haying in the heat, fixing broken balers in the blazing sun, and doctoring mama cows for various ailments. Last week, we … Continue reading

Because Community Matters

This was the article I wrote for the West River Eagle this week: I stared at a blank screen for quite some time this week, completely unsure what to write. There’s been a government shutdown. A blizzard of epic proportions has come and gone, leaving a trail of grief and debris in its wake. … Continue reading