Sunday was sort of a lazy day on the ranch. I mean, lazy as they get while it's sunny and pretty. Some of the branding crew was still around to hang out. And the cows and calves still hadn't all paired up, so we chose NOT to move them out to pasture. Plus we were all just a little wrung out. … Continue reading

The Whirlwind is Over

I have been what seems to be an out-of-control busy cowgirl. I am just now finally getting time to sit and breath. And I can't tell you how much I need some time to catch up.In the past two weeks we've:Torn out and rebuilt the corrals at the barn. Something like 60+ posts later, it's … Continue reading

A Red Dun Filly

Here's another cute baby that I just had to share!It's this mare's first foal and I think she's just adorable. She's sired by our stallion, WDX Nukem, out of our mare, DX Mystic Chic. You can click on the picture to see a larger photograph.[flickrset id="72157624294559680" … Continue reading

Spinning in A Holiday

When you can get up every morning and do what your heart desires, every day is a holiday.When you periodically find cows in your yard, every day is a holiday.When you see smiling kids doing what they enjoy, every day is a holiday.Ty, Julissa (our niece), and Kara (our summer … Continue reading