Ranch Chic Corral

Hi friends! Today we feature a South Dakota Business, Ranch Chic Corral! Kristen is super creative and very talented and I only wish you could all live in South Dakota so as to shop her furniture sales! I know that the next one she has, on a day I can go, I’m gettin’ gone to her place! 

Tell me a little about yourself:

ranch chic corral, ranch chic sign, home goodsI am a mom times 4 and a wife (only one time), though sometimes I wonder! No, just kidding. We live on a cattle ranch in northwest South Dakota which we call God’s Country. My husband runs a cow/calf operation with mainly black angus cattle. Our 4 beautiful kids range from ages 5 to 19 so they keep me busy! My husband is a 4th generation rancher, and we have lived on the ranch for the past 20 years. I graduated college with a bachelors degree in elementary education, and minors in basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, middle school and kindergarten endorsements.

I am motivated, energetic, faith driven, like to create, love wine, coffee, sports, and gardening. I spend most of my free time decorating or literally running around to activities of our kids. I am the maid, taxi cab driver, book keeper, cook, lost and found, the real ranch foreman…oh the list could go on!  I am really just a blessed ranch mom and wife. I love where I live and love my life and the journey God has taken me on.

ranch chic corral, ranch sweet ranch teeHow did you start your business? What inspired you to do this? 

I started Ranch Chic Corral about 5 years ago because I could no longer find anywhere to put things in my home that I was creating and my husband was kindly 😉 fed up with me constantly taking up “his” space. So I resulted to inviting workers from the Orlando, FL home remodeling service who did a wonderful job of opening up more space for us to use in our home. I can’t thank them enough.

That motivated me to start creating some items and doing occasional sales every now and then. What started as small home decorating items, turned into painting and redoing furniture.  Then I starting building my own furniture, and now I design and create tees to embrace the farming and ranching lifestyle. It is amazing how the business has evolved.

I stay busy with all aspects of it at different seasons of the year, much like the different seasons of life. I grew up in a house where my mom was crafty. I remember one Christmas she made us 4 girls cabbage patch dolls. She likes to decorate and create and still does. My dad is very handy and is an amazing woodworker. He was always willing to listen and teach me anything I wanted to know about creating and building furniture.

They still give us amazing homemade gifts each year for Christmas. I just love to create and love to share it with other women. If it makes them feel great, whether it is wearing one of my shirts, decorating with one of my signs, painting with the chalk paint I have, or creating a one of a kind piece of furniture for their home, then I feel it is all worth it.

How do you know Jenn?

I first met Jenn at a local Barrel Racing Jackpot a few years back and have also seen her at some different barrel racings I have been at with my daughters.

Where can interested customers connect with you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ranchchiccorral/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ranchchiccorral/

Website: http://www.ranchchiccorral.com

Where is the best place for customers to shop/purchase your goodies? Do you run an Instagram, Facebook, online store, or combination of all?

You can find most of the products on Facebook, Instagram, and the Website. As far as the larger items like furniture, I hold occasional sales once a month at our ranch and a soon to be store front! You can watch and follow Ranch Chic Corral Facebook to find out dates and locations!


What is your favorite item? Why?

Oh, this is a tough one. I always think I have a favorite and then I create something new and it becomes my new favorite! I would say I have 2 favorites right now: the Ranch Sweet Ranch tee and the Trust Your Journey sign. I love being on the ranch and the comfort it brings to my soul. I also love the path and adventures I have been taken on by trusting my journey.


Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself to us Kristin! And now girls, get to shopping because guess what? You’ve got the following coupon code to use!

SDCowgirl– 20% of your entire order. Valid one time until May 1st! 

Happy Trails!





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