Wild Rags

This morning, we’re shipping cows to the sale barn, and if the weather report was right at the time I wrote this (on Friday evening), it is going to be all of a balmy 12-15 degrees with a 30% chance of snow. And there’s a better than good chance that I’m horseback. And since it’s cold outside I wanted to share with you a piece of attire that I CANNOT live without in the winter, and I’m willing to bet, I may even don one in the summer just because I love them that much!

Now, some of you are thinking, ‘what the heck is a wild rag?’, right? Worry no more; I’m here to tell you.

Essentially, it’s a scarf. But they’re traditionally silk, usually square and frankly, the larger they are, the better.

What function do they serve, you’re now asking? Well, they look cool. But let’s be practical. The cows don’t care how you look. The horses don’t care how you look. But do they care if you’re warm? Probably not; but these scarves do keep your neck warm, and if you can keep your neck warm, you’re going to stay a lot warmer! And what’s better than being able to look stylish, and stay warm at the same time? Nothing if you ask me! It’s a win, all-round! Who cares if ranching is sometimes messy; looking good while you get dirty is even better!

Now, my all time favorite wild rags come from a woman named Sharon, who lives in California and sews them, right here in the good ol’ US of A. Want a one-of-a-kind item? She’s your go-to-girl! Want polyester instead of silk? She’s got that too. Buck Wild, Wild Rags are some of the best priced, best sewn rags, you’ll find anywhere!

Now, I personally prefer silk, for a couple reasons.
(1) It’s a natural fiber and is naturally insulating.
(2) Because it’s natural you don’t sweat when you wear it because while it does keep you warm, it also breathes. And if you’re working on the ranch, and you’re bundled up and get warm, and then sweat, well then if you slow down you just get cold. And believe me, that’s no fun.

Here’s how I wear them:


I love the rag above. The colors really speak to me.

Here’s the 100% silk one I bought last week:


Here’s a vintage, one-of-a-kind scarf that I bought last year:


And here’s some from her Facebook Fan page, that I just adore:










The list of photos could go on all day- I had to draw the line somewhere! There’s countless videos on YouTube as to how to wear them, and there’s even folks that make silver, or rawhide braided scarf slides. The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to these!

I’ve contemplated giving away a rag of your choosing, from her site, if, and only if, we can get her Facebook page to 250 fans by the end of the week. And I’ll give y’all until SATURDAY at Midnight. That’s 102 additional likes; In order to be eligible to win one you’ll have to leave a comment here, telling me you “liked” her page. I would tell you to leave a comment on her page too- and I think that’s a great idea, but I’m going to be too busy this week to check it daily and write down the names. I think commenting here will be easier to keep track of. But if you want to tell her I sent you, I think you should!

So go, hurry, now!

Buck Wild, The Original Wild Rag


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  1. Love me some wild rags. I agree the silk are the way to go.
    These rags are awesome. Thinkin I gotta get an order in
    but have to decide which ones…that’s the problem!! I want
    one of each!! I don’t just LIIKE her page I LOVE her page.

  2. Good morning, Jenn! I couldn’t resist entering this giveaway! I just ordered the same wild rag you did last week! Wild rags are a staple in the cowboy/cowgirl world and I couldn’t live without mine! I am currently a fan of Buck Wild but will share the link with friends to help get Sharon to her goal! Stay warm my cowgirl friend and wish you lots of success at the sale barn!

  3. I liked Buck WIld’s FB page!!!!
    Thank you so much for leading to Buck Wild!!! I can’t wait to buy one and I do have several scoped out for next year’s Christmas presents!!!

  4. I think I saw these at Cowboy Christmas but had no idea they would keep you warm. Yours looks really cute (and I love the nose ring). I liked her facebook page πŸ™‚

  5. I liked her page. Never had a wild rag, but it seems like it’d be a lot easier to manage than a traditional scarf when all bundled up working cattle. I’d love to win one and try it out!

  6. LOVE! I wish there was a button for that! I can just picture my mom in one of these when she trail rides! I liked the page and shared it so all my fashion savvy friends can see how beautiful these are!

  7. I Love Sharons Wild Rags….. I’m Cheating because I Liked her Page a Long Time Ago… I Own 8 of her Wild Rags Alreday. You Wont find a Better Quality Scarf.. :))

  8. I like her page & yours. I love to wear scarves, they keep me warm. I would love to win a Wild Rag!! Thank you

  9. I love her site. I haven’t made up my mind about which wild rag I’m gonna get yet. Decisions, decisions, but it will be silk. Love that she makes them in the good ol U S of A> Liked your site too.

  10. I just liked her page. Not sure it gets cold enough to actually need one down here…but they are super cute!

  11. Love wild rags! And liked her fb page. Neck scarf is a staple in my wardrobe for more the year than not up here in Montana.

  12. She is a talented girl. Dropping out of nursing school to do what she loves is a chance that a lot of people wouldn’t take. The scarfs are beautiful, the material is the best, and I love the variety of colors she has to other. I also have her on FB and love her page.

  13. Wearing my husband’s wild rag and needing my own. “Liked” her on FB and gonna start shopping for something just my own. Thanks!!

  14. I love wild rags.Love your blog!Thanks to you I now love Buck Wild Wild Rags!I liked her page & would love to win 1,I’ll deffinatly have to order1 or2!

  15. I’ve been searching for days to find good deals on rags. THANK YOU so much for the recommendation! I definitely liked her facebook page. Beautiful fabrics! And affordable πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be ordering one, or two….. or three….