2019 Brings New Opportunities for All

Growing up, my mother made sure I had a healthy dose of “doing lots of things”.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to nurture my favorite things, it was more that she was determined to raise a well-rounded individual.

I took voice lessons, piano lessons, art, gymnastics and dance. I gave up most of all it for my horses when I got to high school and don’t regret that one bit.  Occasionally I still hammer on the ivories, and of course, I’ve taken up playing the guitar. I’m known to draw or sketch something from time to time, but right now, my chosen, preferred art medium, is horsemanship and photography.

The two overlap in so many ways. Ways I hadn’t even considered until I threw a leg over my mare Cosmo this week and started thinking about how the two might overlap And you know what conclusion I reached? 

These three things make both a great horseman, and a great photographer: 




You gain those three things by doing these: Observing, Remembering, and Comparing — as said by the Great Alexander Bell. 

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All those things my mom had me doing helped me develop some feel, timing and balance, even though I didn’t know it at the time. I wasn’t yet a practitioner of observing, remembering and comparing.  

My experience with horsemanship, and photography — along with the crazy twists and turns life takes along the way, however, have helped me become a better practitioner of all those things. I have also since learned of “awareness”.

When you’re aware, your feel, timing and balance take on new meaning — it’s almost as if you have a super power to read people, to read a situation, to read the mind of your colt. You become aware of the effect you have on beings around you – be they human, equine or canine: are you big and imposing?  Are you doing too much; trying too hard? Is your colt tight? Is he sore? Is he distracted? Is he with you? Is your dog paying attention? Is he running you, or are you running him?

I hope you’re still reading because, I’ve said all of the above to get to this: 

For years I’ve been asked when I’m going to start teaching photography and for years the answer has been, “I’m not ready”.   But if I continue to say that, I’ll never be ready, so I’ve decided today is the day.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people fulfill their dreams and goals — I spent countless years teaching riding and horsemanship – I loved it. And, if I’m being honest — I’ve got the tools — feel, timing, balance, awareness to read a situation, and I know I can share them with you!

Am I the best technical shooter on the planet? Not a chance. My friend Chris is a waaaay better teacher and technical shooter than me. 

But I can likely answer most of your questions about how your camera works. Doesn’t mean I follow those rules, however. 

Am I the best social media maven on the planet? Not a chance.

But I can share with you what I’ve learned as an influencer and photographer! 

Am I the best businesswoman on the planet? Not a chance.

But I can share what I’ve learned about valuing your time and your skills and finding your niche!


I’m going to offer 1/1 private mentoring sessions, via Skype.

You may pay by the month (The Branding Pen), or buy a block (Wide Open Spaces). 

Additionally, as long as we’re on a team, you’ll gain access to a private Facebook Group, where we will share our struggles, our images, take part in photo challenges, learn together, cheer each other on, and gain knowledge with others! 

And if that’s not a fit for you — maybe what I’m about to share below would be more your style… 


A Women’s Photography and Business Retreat

A western weekend to refocus your photography business and up your social media game!
  • April 5-7, 2019
  • The Dx Ranch — Armstrong County, SD.
  • $600 — includes all food and lodging.
  • Limited to 6 women – First-come-first serve. I will establish a waiting list (because life happens) and I plan to choose at least one more weekend this year to accommodate everyone!
  • Additionally — You’ll get 6 months of access to the private Facebook Group.



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  1. This is perfect! And I think I need to sign up for a session! Not sure I shared link correctly or comment, as it kept kicking me out!