2019 Goals

 I don’t usually write down my goals. 

I know I should.

Writing them down helps to program our brain and make our goals more likely to happen, or something like that.

Last year I wanted to accomplish a down-dog yoga pose, and have my heels touch the ground.

I wrote it down but it took me until the second week of 2019 to accomplish that feat.

While that goal didn’t get accomplished in the time frame that I desired it wasn’t a failure. If I’d have done yoga more often, I likely would have gotten there in less time.

I decided to write down a few things I’d like to get done in 2019, in hopes that by writing them down, as I did for my yoga goal last year, I’ll keep myself on a better track.

These goals are yoga, photography, and horse related and in order to make them happen, I’ll have to keep working on me — to be the best me I can be. In the past, my anxiety had literally been crippling me. I feel confident in nailing these goals, now that my anxiety is under control.

2019 goals, barrel racing, yoga

  1. I want to finish filling my WPRA Permit. Last year I won almost $100 towards filling it. This year I just need to do more work, ride my horse faster and ride more horses here at home to make that happen. Only $923 dollars to go! 
  2. Enter an American Qualifier and make the Semi-Finals.*
  3. Make the short round at the BBR finals in April. Ideally I’d like to make the fast 50, but I’ll take a short-round berth even if it’s the top 55! 
  4. Fill my August Photography Workshop and Women’s Retreat. April’s retreat is already full!  
  5. Do a forward-fold and be able to touch my nose to my knees. The flexibility I’ll gain from this will be much appreciated! 

What goals do you have for 2019? Did you write them down? Do you believe that writing out your goals helps to make them a reality? 

Happy Trails! 

*I may need a sponsor to make this happen! 

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