Ty’s Brownies

When it comes to summer at our house, there’s always plenty of people around. We have ranch interns, kids, nieces, nephews, and often we invite everyone who lives on the ranch, which is two of the cowboy’s brothers and of course his mother, to supper at our place.Add to that the fact that … Continue reading

Raspberry Lime Martinis

When I was in town this past weekend, I snagged some fresh raspberries. I'd just been to the liquor store too, and grabbed a bottle of Skyy Raspberry infused vodka.  I'm kind of fan of raspberry vodka, soda with a twist of lime, so I thought I'd see if I could take that step further and make a … Continue reading

Chicken Fried Steak

I grew up eating a lot of pan-fried round-steak because let’s face it. It’s cheap.  And when you’re feeding three kids and two adults, on a budget, it’s one of those cuts of meat that can go a long way! Vividly, I can remember my mom pounding on it with her meat hammer, on her built in … Continue reading