Stories from the Road

As we continue on our road trips for the summer, it’s time to share yet another story; of kindness, good people, and a bit of luck…

I was on the second day of my return journey from being in Glen Rose. I’d spend the night in Kansas, like I always do, and had a 10 hour drive ahead of me. It was warm that day, about 100 degrees.
Before I left Texas, like my daddy always does, he checked all my pickup and trailer tire pressures, and looked things over. Dads are good at that kind of stuff!

I was about 4 hours from home, on a pretty quiet stretch of highway when, bang – the front trailer tire on my side exploded. These things happen, they do. I’d had a trucker behind me for at least 60 miles. I turned on my blinker, pulled over, and so did he. Before I knew it he had the trailer tire off, the spare out, and we were just about to put it back on when lo and behold, from out of nowhere, the guy from the local tire shop pulls up.

jacked up trailer fender

Crazy, because I didn’t call him. He had actually been down at a homestead changing a tractor tire and noticed the big truck parked on the hill. He figured there must have been something wrong, so swung in! The best thing about him showing up is that he had compressed air on board, which meant he could use the impact driver to put the tire back on and my spare, well it was down about 20lbs of air from what it should have been.

shredded tire...

the tire savior!

In a few moments time, I was back on my way!

Needless to say, the boys were very glad to be back at the ranch a few hours later. The rolled and ran and kicked up their heels as the raced back to the herd.



the boys were glad to be home and off the road

Happy Trails!

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