All Dogs Go To Heaven

It’s been a week. And I still think to myself, I should go see what Jake the cow dog is up to. But Jake isn’t here anymore.

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Sunday, January 17 he passed on. He’d fallen ill about 8 weeks prior, so we took him to the vet for some blood work, were given a vague diagnoses, sent home with an antibiotic and some NSAID. He felt better within hours, and remained so until just after the first of the year. Then the good days and bad days began, with the NSAID working sometimes and not others. So we decided it was time. He was 10, no longer comfortable, and it’s not fair to him to keep him around because we want him to be here. He was ready to go. So through tear-filled eyes, we let him.  The Cowboy took him to town, and was there for his last moments. Those two, they’ve had some good times to be sure. Jake was his dog, and only allowed me to adopt him because I let him in the house!  He was the family favorite, for sure.  This makes two dogs we’ve now lost, just over a year apart.  They kind of have a way of attaching themselves to your heart, don’t they? 

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I’ll miss my partner (he’s not been able to keep up horseback for a couple years), but he remained my faithful friend in the heifer pen, my greeter, my photography model, and the genuinely happy dog that he was. He was kind, but if you were gruff, and obnoxious, he’d not tolerate that. Just ask the FedEx driver! He loved to be petted, lay on his back, chase prairie dogs, sleep, and chew steak bones. But mostly he loved to be petted. He was the neediest dog I’ve ever been around.  Just two weeks before he passed, despite feeling bad that day, he traveled the quarter mile from our house to the corrals for one last hurrah chasing cows, as we loaded drys onto trucks. 

The Best Cow-dog, Jake!

Jake Jake!

The house will be a little emptier, and contain a lot less dog hair. 

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Sleep well dear friend. Sleep well. 


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  1. So sorry for your loss. We lost our almost 15 year old cow dog under tragic circumstances last September and know how you must be feeling.

    Some may say, “well, it was only a dog,” but we know better. They are so much more than that – friends, protectors, work partners and yes, a part of the family.

    Although we miss them so very much when they are gone, we must remember the joy they gave us while they were here.

    RIP, Jake.