Negative Space

Winter has me thinking in negative space. And these images are no exception. I love the white space created by sunless, flat snowy skies. When used correctly, negatives space in an image adds impact, and beauty.

Negative space is defined as: the space that surrounds an object in an image. 

Below- the negative space makes the horses stand out, and then your eye, travels past them, to the fence line that fades into nothingness. 

The space around Dozer, the horse, (below), simply aids in putting all the focus on his fuzziness. And your eye is always drawn to the snowflakes in the foreground.   

Allowing for space around Little Banjo, the pony, lets you see the frost that covers his hair, as it stands on end to keep him warm. 


Here, it adds to the cold, desolate-looking atmosphere. 

Negative space around Flint, the Poco Bueno bred, grulla gelding below, further serves to highlight his gorgeous coloring. 

Grulla Horse, Grulla Quarter horse, horses in the snow, winter, snowy horses, horses in the snow

Grulla colored horses are among the rarest coat colors.

As you’re out photographing the world this week, think about negative space and the impact it could have on your images. I know I will be!

Happy Trails! 

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