Dino at the Somervell County Expo Center in Glen Rose, Texas.

Glen Rose, Texas

I grew up not far from Glen Rose, Texas and attended college near there as well, so I have spent plenty of time in the Somervell County Expo Center. It's a great facility, with good ground, lots of stalls, and good places to warm your horse up. When I discovered that I could go from Oklahoma down … Continue reading

A Day On The Ranch

You guys. I've slacked a lot this summer in the blogging department, so I'm hoping you're keeping up with me via Instagram.  If you're not, I'm sorry. I post there often, mostly because it's easy and I can do it on the go. Though I'm there a lot less than I used to be because the new algorithm … Continue reading
Senior Portraits by the South Dakota Cowgirl

A Photoshoot With A MUA

Sometimes the stars align just perfectly and the result is something more beautiful than you'd ever imagine it would be. That was the case for this year's annual school portrait photoshoot that I do with my niece. I think we're on year four or five of taking her school pictures, and doing … Continue reading

From the Rodear

We have two brandings on our place, as a general rule. Our big Father's Day party, and another, smaller branding around the Fourth of July.  This year, I spent the entire July 4th branding, horseback, either roping or holding herd, so I don't have photos of that little party. I do, … Continue reading
DX Nuklear IronMan, 2015 Colt by WDX Nukem out of Streakin Iron. Photo by The South Dakota Cowgirl.

life in photos…

I can barely keep up with going through my Mail, let alone my blog... But I'm still taking lots of photos!I photographed a senior last week. She's gorgeous and I'll share those soon.I have some beautiful branding day photos to share too, and of course my colts are getting huge.The … Continue reading